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Last updated 2024-05-10.

me now, in broad strokes

family life

still living in Lüdinghausen and not about to move anywhere. the girls are 6 and 7 now (one in school, one in day care) and make me proud every day.

this year it'll be the first time i'll introduce both of them to my guilty pleasure and watch the european song contest with them. can't wait.

my wife and i finally removed that old ugly car port and replaced it with a proper, albeit much smaller bike shed. i placed all ~350 screws myself.

growing as a lead & mentor

i am still an engineering manager at zalando, currently leading three teams. i‘m still very much learning each day.

the pressure is getting to me lately and i need to take it slower for a while to not burn out.

getting fit

i recently lost 10kg and hope that it stays that way. My primary goal is to stay below 90kg throughout 2024. a secondary goal would be to get below 85kg and officially no longer count as overweight (with regards to the bmi).

my plan for 2024 is to run 1000km, but i have a knee injury which forces me to take things slow. i'm still hopeful to make it though.

eating healthy

i’ve recently cut out all sweets, most snacks and most alcohol of my diet. i’m still a vegan, though i consider starting to eat eggs again given that there seem to be some nutrients you can’t substitute. my wife is way more on top of this than i am, i just need to start to listen to her.

writing tutorials

i am currently rewriting my tutorial to build a text editor in rust, hecto. progress is going great. next i'm considering writing a tutorial for DONKEY.BAS in BASIC.


done recently

in progress

super famicom collection


39 of 514 PAL games collected (7%)
⏸️ paused due to inflation

2024 running challenge


349/1000km (leading ahead)
⏸️ paused due to knee injury

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